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Reasons Why You Need To Try Out Our Customisable Forms


Having the ability to customise your job forms enables you to truly make your experience of using Onetrace unique. Onetrace was designed to follow a similar idea as we understand how difficult dealing with complex software can be and even more so when you are customising it yourself.

Onetrace was designed using an intuitive design. It is flexible and customisable and is built for the way you want it to work. With our customisable forms, you can standardise how your operatives collect and record information and assist you in becoming consistent in data capturing.

Our customisable forms are designed with a range of multiple inputs to help you standardise your data capturing and future-proof your business against any compliance issue.  

1. Build Customisable Forms For Any Job

With Onetrace you can build your very own templates to accommodate your workflows. As a business owner, you can make the job forms as specific as you want for different jobs and standardise how key information is captured by your operatives.   

2. Why is Standardisation Important?

Standardisation is key to ensuring effective fire safety management as it helps achieve consistency and accuracy in how data is recorded. Using our customisable forms is going to enforce standardisation in how your operatives carry out their tasks on-site and record key information. This will ultimately help improve the fire safety standards and help you demonstrate proof of work in the case of any compliance issue in the future.  

3. Adding Fields To Your Job Forms Now Easier than Ever

From the site manager’s sign-off to adding before and after photos - you can make your job forms as specific and standardised as you’d like them to be. Capturing photographic evidence, including attachments or seeking signature approvals all allow for establishing accountability and traceability. 

4. Enforce Mandatory Field Option 

You can think of mandatory fields as a virtual supervisor working as a guide for your operatives while they are on-site. For example, as a contracts manager, you can make attaching photographic evidence mandatory. In this case, unless your operatives attach photographic evidence to the form, they won't be able to submit it. Therefore, by making certain fields mandatory you can ensure that all the tasks assigned by you are being completed exactly how you wanted. 

5. Save Your Time By Using Our Pre-Populated Templates

Use pre-populated templates to standardise your operative's workflows in line with the 3rd party accreditations. From fire doors, intumescent paint, fire stopping and cavity barriers - you can tweak these to match them to your specific trade. 


6. What Are Fields & How Do They Work? 

With Onetrace you can manually set up a variety of fields with multiple inputs. Our aim is to ensure that every business owner feels confident in the tasks that their operatives are carrying out and our customisable forms with multiple input options I going to help you get there. 

Photographic Evidence

Your operatives will have to upload before-after photographs as visual evidence of the work they've carried out. As a contract manager, this will enable you to monitor the quality of the work without stepping foot on-site. The photographic evidence will serve as visual proof that the work was carried out following the highest standards or help you identify errors that your operatives might be making while carrying out the tasks. 

Drop-Down Menu

Using drop-down fields is likely to offer multiple benefits to you and your operatives both. You can pre-define the available responses for our operatives. This will provide greater reliability as the responses are pre-approved by you. Also, the drop-down responses will reduce the time taken to fill out the forms as your operatives won't have to leave detailed descriptions anymore.

And, most importantly by using the drop-down option you can standardise how reporting is done across the board. By using pre-defined terminology your record keeping is going to be consistent and more reliable because of the consistency in the language that is being used to record data.  

Yes or No

With no room left for interpretation, yes or no questions are perfect to seek confirmation from your operatives regarding the integrity with which they have completed the work on-site. Additionally, using the yes or no field is an excellent way to ensure compliance standards as by design they will prompt the operatives to choose a response on selective requirement. 

Numerical Values

Perfect to record information regarding materials and costs; numerical values will enable you to extract quantifiable insights to make better business decisions.


Any additional information or instructions can be added as an attachment to make your operatives' jobs easier while they are on-site. Having supporting documentation is going to act as a point of reference for them whilst also providing you with quality assurance to demonstrate that work was carried out to the highest possible standard in case of a compliance dispute. 


On one hand, having a client sign off on the completed work will provide you with written confirmation that everything was completed as per your client's specifications. On the other hand, you can use this to strengthen internal communication with your team to leave detailed feedback for your operatives for any issues to be addressed.  

Customisable forms will prove to be a notable aspect that helps drive your team to work in a standardised manner across the board. Not only will it significantly reduce the administrative work but also establish a centralised way of keeping all relevant information up-to-date.

As a business owner, you can leverage our customisable forms to improve the efficiency and accuracy of how data is captured for the work completed by each of your operatives. Not only is the standardisation of data recording going to help your team internally to make better business decisions but also support you to demonstrate proof of quality in case of audits and inspections. 

Would you like to try our 7 days free trial to test out our customisable forms for yourself? If so, just click this link and one of our team members will get in touch with you. 


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