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Fire protection traceability and transparency

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11 October 2021 09:00:00 BST

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Fire protection traceability and transparency


Since 2017, the fire safety industry has been in the hot seat, with a spotlight on improving safety regulations for commercial and residential buildings. Looking back in history, it will show that fire safety has only really come into the spotlight after a significant incident, which is unfortunate since human safety should be at the forefront at all times, not on the backburners. We don’t live in an ideal world. The sobering reality is we only learn from lessons after the experience, not by putting measures in place to prevent it from happening at all. In the case of fire safety, significant damage is the only way to highlight the issues at hand.

But from the ashes of destruction, there is positive growth. One of the most positive results is the potential of the fire safety industry being more regulated, with contractors and fire protection installers requiring a 3rd party accreditation. While this is not yet in full swing, many contractors are either getting accredited or are putting traceability systems in place so that they are working towards compliance internally. Tenders are also beginning to look more favourably at businesses that are using active and passive fire protection traceability software since they will be able to provide the digital transparency that is now required by many of the clients within the construction industry.

This is where Onetrace can help. We’re at the forefront of the fire protection traceability software industry, working hard to ensure that all of our users benefit from the platform in a meaningful and efficient way. Onetrace was initially developed to simply create a more efficient workflow for fire protection operatives but it has since grown into the amazing application that it is today. Working closely with clients and operatives, we were able to really push the boundaries on what we can offer, and with every iteration, it just keeps getting more robust.

Traceability and transparency are absolute musts in today’s building safety industry. You cannot read five minutes of building safety or construction news without reading about traceability, and how many issues that it will fix. Alongside traceability is the upcoming requirement for 3rd party accreditations for every fire protection installer, which will mean that every contractor that performs installs will need a system like Onetrace in the not so distant future.

This leads to the question: Why Onetrace for active and passive fire protection traceability?

It’s simple really. It’s a system that is designed by fire protection operatives for fire protection operatives, so we have a very unique understanding of what it’s like when you’re in the middle of an install and need to tick the boxes that the industry requires; that’s the core reason why Onetrace was built to work on a mobile device from day one because rather than having to pull out a laptop or all out pages of paperwork and printing photos, you can do all of the “paperwork” on your mobile device — the same device that you hold in your hand all day long. Now that’s fire. 🔥

Imagine being able to do all the required paperwork while performing an install; all from your mobile device. No more laptops, end-of-shift admin work, sending photos to yourself or the office, and fiddling with other apps to markup drawings. Imagine being able to just click through job forms on your smartphone or tablet that auto-populate as you work, taking photos, marking up drawings and dropping pins precisely… all from the same app, and all in an organised workflow that allows you to just send over a report in seconds, rather than having to write it all up when a job is complete.

But that’s not all! While the operatives on site are hard at work, something magical happens in the office too: real-time updates. When a job begins, the team in the office knows, and as the job progresses and photos are uploaded, they are automatically synced so that team managers are able to monitor progress remotely.

There are so many hidden benefits of Onetrace's active and passive fire protection traceability software. Managers can remotely monitor operatives and their capacities. Operatives can work efficiently and reduce their administrative workload to spend more time doing installs rather than paperwork. Companies can work to current accreditation standards and remain compliant. There are only wins when you switch to Onetrace!

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